9 tips to choose the perfect university abroad

9 tips to choose the perfect University abroad.

Studying abroad is a dream for thousands of students. It brings world-class opportunities to students. But what is also important is the fact that there are hundreds of good Universities abroad.

How do you choose the best country to study abroad? Or the best university abroad?

Choosing a foreign University is a major decision in your Study Abroad process. The right decision can change your life altogether. It can make all your dreams come true. The opposite happens when you make the wrong decision. In this Internet world where everything shines, it is important to find the right ones that suit your needs, and decision. You need to have some criteria when you research the right university abroad.

Let’s talk about the 9 tips that you need to consider while choosing an International University abroad.

How to choose a University abroad?

  1. What is the purpose of studying abroad?
  2. What do you want to study?
  3. Research thoroughly.
  4. Consider the expenses.
  5. What are the employment opportunities?
  6.  Know the deadlines.
  7. Complete the necessary requirements.
  8. Local language.
  9. Speak to an educational counsellor.

1. What is the purpose of studying abroad?

Be clear as to why you are planning to study in a foreign country. Is it the cultural experience that you are going to witness there or are you going to get the best education? Or a mix of both? Once you are clear with the answers you can at least get a vague idea of where you wish to study.

For example, if you are solely going to a different country to experience a different culture then, a European country such as Italy. Or if you are planning to get the best education for free then Germany would be a good place.  Canada for quality education and a student-friendly environment and so on…

2. What do you want to study?

Choosing a course that you love is a must. The last thing you want is to take up something that you hate and regret your decision. Hence, choose the one that you love, that grabs your attention, and also makes you curious.

If you are lucky enough to know what you wish to study, then great. But if you don’t, then take time to understand what you really love.

What subjects interest you the most?

Which subjects are your strengths?

What is your dream job?

Answering such questions makes it easier for you to nail down a few topics that you are actually interested in.

This is a crucial question that you should answer before choosing a university abroad.  So, feel free to get 100% sure with respect to this question and then move on to the next step.

3. Research, Research, and Research

Once you know what you are going to study and your purpose, you can move forward to the next step. This step is both easy and difficult. Easy because you have access to the best search engine in the world. Difficult because it is hard to find accurate information. Hence, you need to find the right sources of information before making a conclusion.

Start googling the best countries to study your intended course or the best colleges for your course. Learn about the universities, their world rankings, atmosphere for International students, reviews, and all the other factors that come under your education there.

Check their official websites, and valid sources to authenticate the information you’ve gathered.

Some of the trusted source to check latest study abroad news, and also to research about the universities are 

  1. IDP Education.
  2. QS Top Universities.
  3. Study Portals.

4. Consider the expenses

Consider the overall expenses that would require you to complete your education. This would not only include your education fees, but also the accommodation fees, phone bills, transportation, and whatnot. Make sure you’ve covered every small or big expense that might incur in your duration there.

Calculate and see whether it is viable. How will you fund the entire expense?

If your parents are going to help you with the entire expense, then that’s great. If not, plan how you will be able to fund it? Are you willing to do a part-time job while you study to cover the expenses? If so learn the requirements that are needed by the respective countries. In Canada, a college student would need a work permit to work.

Be crystal clear with respect to the expenses as it is a crucial factor.

5. What are the employment opportunities?

Employment is one of the main reasons why students would want to study abroad. Learn about the employment opportunities that are available for the course that you study in the respective country. Also, check the income that you can earn there. Choosing a destination that has demand for the employment that you wish to undertake is what you need to do.

For example, Software Engineers get a handsome perk in Germany.

Look out for those countries that need professionals such as you to wish to become in the future.

All these pointers can help you make a wise decision.

As said earlier, there are tons of resources to help you out on the internet. All you need to find a trustworthy source. 

6. Know the deadlines

The majority of the Universities abroad offer students 2 intakes. Spring Intake and Fall Intake. This is basically when you can apply to the University and get admitted. Fall intake starts around September, and Spring Intake starts around January.

This varies depending on the University, and the Destination. So, knowing when to apply for the Universities is a crucial factor. You would need to go to their official website, and check the deadlines. Always having an eye over the deadlines is very important.

Because within the specified time period, there’s a lot of things that you need to be prepared with. SOP, recommendation letter, Valid documents, and all the other necessary items must be taken care of within the deadlines.

Normally, the acceptance rate during the fall intake is less as a large number of students around the world apply during this period. Whereas the acceptance rate is high during the spring intake. Depending on your circumstances, choose the one that fits you.

7. Complete all the necessary requirements

Start the entire study abroad process 10-12 months before you wish to join a University abroad. This way you will have everything aligned to apply for your University abroad at the right time. Having a counselor who can guide you through all the necessary steps can benefit you a lot.

Create a checklist of everything that would require for your admission and accommodation there. Starting from passport, to every necessary document that is required by the University abroad, make sure you have it all.

You should also check the entry requirements for the intended course. For example, does the course accepts IELTS Score? Or what other examination would you need to complete to join the program?

Only when you have everything in place, start applying to the University.

8. Local Language

Whatever destination you choose, you also need to know whether you would be comfortable with the local language. This doesn’t necessarily mean you should learn the language beforehand, but it is wise to know about the language and the culture. For example, in many European countries, it is mandatory to know their local language.

Whereas there are other countries such as Australia, USA, UK, and more where it is easier to find people speaking in English. So, make sure you know about all these possibilities, and then choose the destination.

9. Speak to an Educational counsellor

If the entire process is tiring, and confusing for you, then speak to an Educational Counsellor. There’s no harm in taking guidance from the experts at the right time. List out all your requirements when speaking.

You need to clear all the doubts that you have, and should conclude with a decision that you feel is the best choice for you.

Choosing a University abroad might look like a daunting task at the beginning. This is indeed a decision that needs a lot of care to be taken.

But when you have the right guidance and pointers as mentioned above, you will make a decision that will help your future.

Hope it helped you. Do share it with your friends who are searching for University abroad.

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