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IELTS Mock Test Registration

Guides, Resources, online classes will all help you to get prepared for the d-day but what if you could get a simulation of the d-day itself. That’s what we wish to achieve through our mock test. 

Register yourself for our Free IELTS mock test, and test yourself. But not just that you also get personalized feedback from our top IELTS experts!

Why sign up for Ck club's IELTS mock test?

  • No matter how well you are prepared, it is obvious  to get nervous or anxious when it comes to attending the IELTS exam.
  • It is not just the guides, resources, or books that matter for an IELTS exam, even time management is a crucial aspect to succeed in IELTS.
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses? It’s difficult to know until you take a legitimate exam.
  • Should you double down on my strengths or should you focus on improving my weaknesses?

We know how it feels to answer these questions and that’s exactly the reason why we provide you with the free IELTS mock test. So that you can take a legitimate mock test, understand what your strengths and weaknesses are, and more importantly get valuable pieces of advice from TOP IELTS experts. 

What is the process of the free IELTS mock test?

  1. Once you sign up, our team will get in touch with you and will book a test for the nearest upcoming date.

2. All the necessary links and resources will be provided by the team to you shortly.

3. Once you take up the test, our IELTS expert will review your answers and will provide you personalized feedback based on your answers. 


“I Spoke with Meenakshi from Coaching Kulture Academy. She is so helpful, supportive, knowledgeable, humble, kind-hearted, experienced, etc....she knows exactly what she is doing, so far the best person I have come across. Trust me she didn't even charge a single penny for all the explanation and provided with the material to gauge your knowledge and standing on IELTS. The person with so much experience just shared everything at no cost... I should say that I was lucky enough to get in touch with you and it was worth spending those few hours which could be a game-changer in anyone's life. THANK YOU, Meenakshi.”
Patrick Depp
Ielts free mock test review
” Coaching Kulture actually helped me by providing me a mock test and getting to know in which areas i lacked in and once i finished the test they had a feedback session where they guide you and let you know where or which areas you should work on more and improve your skills, also they provide good information that none another coaching might provide and you actually feel like giving the mock test, i would suggest students to try Coaching kulture as they help you in areas you are good and where you actually need to work on more.”
Marlon Crasto
“After taking Coaching Kulture Academy's IELTS mock test, I have a proper idea of how to approach the IELTS examination. Also, thanks to the feedback session for some lifesaving tips. It was an amazing experience.”
Advaid Adiyodi

If you are someone who’s eagerly waiting to clear IELTS and move towards your dreams, then this one is for you.