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Coaching Kulture IELTS podcast
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This IELTS podcast is for anyone who is struggling and getting overwhelmed with the Immigration or Study Overseas process. Tuning into our episodes will either help you with some IELTS Tips or debunk some of the myths about the process.

Introduction and a quick preview on IELTS Speaking

It’s rightly said that Knowledge grows when you share it and that’s what the host truly believes in. With her arsenal of tools in the field of IELTS, Immigration and Overseas Education she would love to help you carve the life you want. She looks forward to connect, coach and share the immense knowledge.

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Coaching Kulture IELTS podcast logo

Shaking the Stability Element

Ever been stuck between thoughts that you deserve a better life but fear moving out of your comfort zone? Then this one is especially for you. This will give you a clear idea of the present situation of how jobs are evolving and how it’s become almost mandatory for all of us to leave our deep-rooted beliefs to pave the path for our brighter future. We all need to believe in ourselves and more than ever be certain that we deserve much more.