how to write an effective statement of purpose

We all are very much familiar with essay writing ever since our school days. Most of the students consider writing a Statement of Purpose (SOP) is similar to essay writing. On contrary, it is much more than just an essay. You should be able to portray a strong purpose and analysis on why do you deserve to get a seat in foreign universities above other candidates.

If you are wondering how to write an effective statement of purpose?

Then read this blog that contains the perfect statement of purpose format that can help you get to your dream college.

Statement of Purpose (SOP) is considered to be one of the essential parameters included in an application to get admission to foreign universities and it is no more an easy task given the fact of the rapid increase in the applications every year.

You need not be an excellent writer and there is no rocket science in writing an amazing Statement of purpose to stand out of the crowd and get admission into the top-ranked universities, but it can make or break the decision of getting admission into the universities if you do not follow the right guidelines.


Here are the 4 pillars to write an outstanding statement of purpose.


pillars of an effective statement of purpose


1. Purpose of applying to this course.

The university needs to filter out the crowd and needs to handpick the right student from the avalanche of applications they receive and hence knowing the exact reason for studying a particular course is a crucial part.

Mention if the particular course has any link with your previous qualification. If yes, then mention why you wish to study further. What specialization you would like to take up. If No, then specify why does this subject interest you? How much do you know about the subject?


2. Purpose of applying to the particular destination.

Out of the numerous options available for overseas study, as an international student you should be able to justify why did the particular destination attract you?

Mention what the destination offers for the international students. E.g. Cost of Living, Diversity, Course Duration and Universities, Jobs, etc.


3. Reason for applying to the particular university.

This is one of the major points one should not miss out on. Mention why is this particular university different from others concerning the course you have chosen. It’s a good way to include the course modules which the university offers on the particular subject and provide an in-depth analysis after doing your research.

Also mention the university ranking, teaching excellence, student satisfaction, location, and most importantly graduate employability as few key points to choose the university.


4. Career aspirations and how does the course help?

You need to always visualize where you see yourself in the next 5 years down the line post completion of the course from the particular university. Always keep updated with the job portals of the particular country to know the demand and the market needs concerning the course you choose.

Learn what skills are needed to grab the employer’s attention and the market demand through the course you pursue and in turn analyze whether the particular course is providing the right modules to help you build upon the skills.


Let’s answer a few FAQs related to SOP writing.


1. What should be the ideal word count for the SOP?

The ideal length of the Statement Of Purpose for the Master’s Program should be within 800-900 words. And the word count of the SOP for the Undergraduate course is 500 words. However, some universities do mention the word limit that they prefer.

2. How should I construct my SOP?

  • Grab the attention of the reader by presenting a dynamic introduction.
  • You should be able to present how does studying the course would link your past academics experience and future career goals and express your abilities and skill-set required to pursue the course.  
  • The next paragraphs can include all the above-mentioned 4 pillars which cover mainly the points on all the WHYS to apply to the course.
  • The conclusion should be concise and you should be able to describe in brief that you are the best fit for the university.
  • You can break the entire Statement of purpose into 4-5 paragraphs and they should have a logical structure and maintain it till the end.

Plagiarism is never accepted in foreign universities. Presenting someone else ideas and works would increase your chances of rejection or lowering of grades or even ban to apply to the university. Plagiarism is never accepted in foreign universities. Presenting someone else ideas and works would increase your chances of rejection or lowering of grades or even ban to apply to the university.

3. Is it a good idea to mention my failures/backlogs in SOP?

There is no harm in mentioning your failures or backlogs in the academics provided you can explain how you improvised on your academics and what was the initiative taken from your end. But make sure you do not exaggerate much into your weak grades and backlogs.


4. Can I add fake experiences to increase my chance of acceptance?

There is a myth amongst most students that if you use flowery language or add on fake extracurricular or experiences the chances of selection are high. IT’S A SCAM. Be Unique be YOU. Make sure you be real and do not add on any fake experiences it will in turn ruin your chances of selection. Always use simple language, Simplicity will go a long way.

Statement of Purpose is an opportunity to justify to the admission committee how genuine a student you are and also whether you would be successful in completing the program from the university.


In conclusion

To encapsulate, writing an effective Statement of Purpose is a deciding factor and an opportunity to sell your abilities to the university demonstrating why they should choose you and why are you different from the competition across the globe to get an admit to your dream university. 

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